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Whisper My Serenade
This heart, it beats, beats for only you.

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BACK! ; Friday, July 8, 2011
Hey Guys!:D

We are back!! We will continue selling/supplying items!

Will still be affiliates with theshoppers:D

Same owner, same price. But the prices here are a little un-updated. So do enquire alright! thanks!

; Thursday, April 21, 2011
Hey All! As we are currently preparing to migrate to a new site, we will no longer be updating any information here. Hence, if you do not see your orders typed in here, do not worry as we have taken note of them. The prices stated here are also not the latest prices. So do enquire about the prices before buying alright? Thanks loads and do look forward to our newer site which will be coming soon:D

Updates ; Friday, April 1, 2011
Hello people.

*Pre-order 1 is now closed and all items have arrived(:

1. Collection of Cartoon Tees / Onto Headphones:
We will be collecting them on week 7, the week starting on 14th Feb, as the tees warehouse is closed for CNY, thank you for your understanding. We will pass them to you either in late week 7 or week 8 (:
Same applies to the ONTO headphones, but it is subjected to whether it is out of stock.

2. Collection of KPOP bags:
Stocks for the bags will be shipped from korea, thus it will only arrive in around March. However, the #5 SS501 KPOP canvas totes is currently out of stock): thus they will arrive only around end march to early april. D:

* Pre-order 3 is now opened so do place your orders(:

With love,
*This Candy Got You Sprung!

Twitter ; Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Click here and follow Candy Spree on twitter to receive our updates! 

Candy Spree has become more advanced and we have created Twitter. 
So do follow us(: 

INSTOCKS! ; Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Hello Everybody!
Wonderful instocks selling for a week only, while stocks last! Do hurry and place your orders!
All items are in really good condition!
If you are interested in taking a look at the pictures, do tell us ASAP!
Selling each only @ $4.90!
Buy 5 items and get a free gift of a pair of flower ear-rings!

BRACELET COLLECTION - all items are silver in colour
1. Bracelet with Butterfly Charm (with BLINGBLING half of one side)
* Colours Available for BLINGBLING: Pink, Silver, Purple
2. Bracelet with Star Charm (with BLINGBLING on one side)
3. Bracelet with Heart Charm (with BLINGBLING on one side)
* Colours Available for BLINGBLING: Purple, Silver
4. Bracelet with Big Star Charm
5. Bracelet with Big Heart Charm and Small Dog

EAR-RING COLLECTION - all items are silver in colour unless otherwise stated
1. Ear-rings with Dangling Sticks
2. Ear-rings with 2 Dangling Butterflies each
3. Ear-rings with Small Dog Charm (with BLINGBLING)
4. Ear-rings with Dog Charm
5. Ear-rings with Hearts (with BLINGBLING)
6. Ear-rings with Dog in Heart (with BLINGBLING)
7. Ear-rings with 2 Gold in Colour Rings and 1 Silver in Colour Ring each
8. Ear-rings with Flower
9. Ear-rings with Oval Shape
10. Ear-rings with Small Heart
11. Ear-rings with Dog with Leash Charm

NECKLACE COLLECTION - all items are silver in colour
1. Necklace with Small Dog Charm (with BLINGBLING)
2. Necklace with Butterfly Charm (with BLINGBLING)
3. Necklace with Big Dog Charm (with BLINGBLING)
4. Necklace with Small Heart Charm

Mini Hair Straightener ;
Hello there! New mini hair straighteners are here! CHEAP!
Happy shopping!

Mini Hair Straightener:

Price: $15.00 only!
Usage Method: Plug in and when the red light appears, wait for 1-2 minutes, slowly clip it and its done!
Colours Available: Pink, Blue, Black

Transparent backpacks! ;
Transparent Backpacks are the trend now!!

1 @ $24 each


Preorder #1: Capping @ 0/5

Colours :
Hot Pink


Taiwan Tees ; Monday, January 31, 2011
Pre-order details:
Seller's speed: 1 - 2 months
Material: 100% cotton
Measurements (Do allow variation): Shirt length 57 cm, Bust 90 cm (Stretchable 85 cm - 100 cm), Shoulder 38.5 cm (Stretchable 35 cm - 45 cm)

Cappings at 10.
Price: 1 for $9.00
5 for $8.50 each
10 for $8.00 each!

Design #1: Hello Kitty Watermelon Red

Design #2: Hello kitty White

Design #3: Pirate Panda

Design #4: Green Girl

Design #5: Eyed Heart (Play-inspired)

Design #6: Bespectacled Bunny

Design #7: Totem

Design #8: Geek

Design #9: Jumper

Design #10 Expression Panda White

Design #11: Expression Panda Watermelon Red

Design #12: Double-decker

Design #13: Mr. Tickle

Design #14: Mini

Design #15: Jailed Panda

Design #16: Electro Rainbow Heart

Design 17: Big Ribbon

Design #18: Billionaire Heart

Design #19: Elmo

Design #20: Red Specs

Design #21: Electric Bus

Design 22: Smurf I ♥ Nerds

Design #23: Love Panda

Design #24: Doraemon

Random ;
We look awesome, don't we?
I know right!

Blogskin ; Saturday, January 29, 2011
Candy-spree has got a new blogskin!

Click to enlarge(:

So... how do you find it?

ITEMS SOLD ; Thursday, January 27, 2011

12 Cartoon Tees!
8 Sticky Rock Candies!
2 Notebooks!
2 Metal-Framed Wallets!
1 ONTO Headphones!
1 KPOP Canvas Totes!

Candy-Spree's owner would like to thank all of those who had supported us thus far.
We sincerely hope that you will continue doing so!


Transparent Umbrellas! ; Monday, January 10, 2011

Design #1: Translucent Umbrella
Colours Available: White
Price: $8

Design #2: Polka Dotted Umbrella
Colours Available: Yellow, Black, Light Blue, Orange, Pink.
Price: $8

Get 2 umbrellas of any deisgn for $15!


Transparent Wallets ;

Colours Available: Yellow, Baby Pink, Black, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Hotpink, White, Brown, Green, Purple, Orange, Red.
Price: 1 for $7.00 only and 2 for $13.00 only!
Note: Please do take note that the white wallet is transulecent instead of transparent(:
Cappings will close every two weeks             


Telecoil Bands! ;

Benefits of Rainbow Tele-Coil Band:
1. Suitable for thin or thick hair, long or short hair
2. While adjusting, the band doesn't tightly grab your hair unlike those X Brands bands
3. Make your hairdo as loose as you want like any Korea celebrities have
4. While your hair's wet, you can just pull the pull out the band, without any pain
5. It doesn't break off like any other bands would

Colours Availabe: All colours seen above in the picture
Price: $1 each!


Metal Frame Wallets ; Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cappings at 20.
To those who are unable to wait, simply add $2.50 and get yours without cappings!

Preorder 1: [2/20]
Preorder 2: [0/20]

CIMG0947.jpg picture by xb3ll3x

Design #1: Checkered 1 (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: White, Brown
Price: $5.00


Design #2: Cross Checkered (Foldable Clutch)
Colours Available: Black, Brown, Pink
Price: $5.00

Design #3: Newspaper (Foldable Cluth)
Colours Availabe: White (As seen above)
Price: $5.00

CIMG0957-1.jpg picture by xb3ll3x

Design #4: Vintage Floral (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: White (As seen above)
Price: $5.00



Design #5: Floral Series (Metal Frame, Foldable Cluth, Zipper
Colours Availabe: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow
Price: $5.00


CIMG0944.jpg picture by xb3ll3x

Design #6: Swirls Series (Metal Frame, Zipper)
Colours Availabe: Whitebase with Gold, Whitebase with Silver, Whitebase with Black, Whitbase with Pink, Blackbase with Gold, Caramelbase with Brown, Bluebase with Gold, Redbase with Gold
Price: $5.00


Design #7: Flowers Collage (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue
Price: $5.00
CIMG0955.jpg picture by xb3ll3x

 Design #8: Patches (Metal Frame, Zipper)
Colours Available: Orange, Grey, Brown, Green, Mixed
Price: $5.00


Design #9: Tilers Series (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: White, Pink, Purple, Brown, Red
Price: $5.00

Design #10: Large Studs (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: Brown, Pink, Black, Red, White Purple
Price: $5.00

Design #11: Medium Studs (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: Brown, Pink, Black, Red, White, Purple
Price: $5.00
Design #12: Checkered 2 (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: Pink, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Black
Price: $5.00

Design #13: Leather (Metal Frame, Foldable Cluth)
Colours Availabe: Red, Black Orange, Purple, White
Price: $5.00

Design #14: Korean Words (Metal Frame)
Colours Availabe: Pink, Red, Brown, Purple, Black, White, Blue
Price: $5.00

Design #15: Bling Series (Metal Frame)
Colours Available: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver, Lime Green, Black, Yellow, Lightblue, Hotpink, Peach
Price: $5.00



Hello! We are Cheryl and Kailin, the owners of Candyspree! We sell lots of random things, from bags to sticky rock candy etc! We are 101% scam-free, friendly and trustable. And this blogshop is created mainly for recreational purpose and to get more knowledge regarding entreprenuership, so rest assure while shopping with us(: We're really nice people ya know~ Thanks for visiting and CANDY-SPREE LOVES YOU:D

Alphabet Tee
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Domo Tee
I Heartbreak You Tee
I Heart You Tee
Taiwan Tees

Assorted Korean Backpacks
KPOP Canvas Totes
Transparent Bagpacks

Metal Frame Wallet
Mini Hair Straighteners
Onto Headphones
Transparent Wallets
Telecoil Bands

Love Diary Stamp Set
Memo-pad Notebooks
Ponybrown Stamps

Fimo Sticks
Sticky Rock Candy
Anti-radiation Stickers
Transparent Umbrellas

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